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Fix Hyper-v VHD Errors

Windows Server Virtualization, a platform popularly known as Hyper-V although works smoothly but at some point or the other, like other applications, it also throws some error messages. Basically, errors give an indication about inconsistency in proper functioning of the application. Here in this small section, we will discuss some of the general errors in Virtual PC that pop up while working with Hyper-V environment. We also provide the superb solution. Hyper-V VHD Protector tool smoothly works in all corruption circumstances.

Solve Common Hyper-V Errors

The Memory Errors

Sometimes, while starting up the Virtual machine, error message flashes on screen that indicates about memory related issues. The error will look like:

Hyper V Memory Errors

This error suggests that more memory is assigned for the Virtual machine than what is actually available on the system. This does not mean that the system is lacking in providing sufficient memory but for working with VHD, there is not enough memory available. Such troublesome situation is encountered when more than one Hyper-V Servers are running on a system and have consumed a lot of Server's memory.

Resolve Problem of Virtual PC – " Paused-Critical" Error

At time, when a Virtual machine is started to work on, an error message pop up screen stating: Paused-Critical. This is because the partition assigned for VHD file is running out of the available space in the disk.

VHD Paused Critical Errors

When virtualization of a machine using Hyper-V is set up, the system asks for the physical volume that is to be defined for hard drive file. But default, dynamically expanding VHD files is created by Windows. This means, when you start adding up data in a VHD file, it automatically expands and creates storage space for storing the data. This is known as Dynamic expansion of data.

Since the drive is dynamically expanding, the memory of Hyper-V Server can be overcommitted. This is why at initial stages, no issues while working with the virtual hard disks arises but as the size of data grows up; it ends up with issues like the errors: "Paused-Critical"!

However, these are some of the general errors in Virtual PC that users come across. Meanwhile, Virtual hard disks provide a solution for improved performance, possibility of VHD file getting corrupted are also there. Meanwhile, what remain same under such circumstance are errors that provide an indication that something is wrong. For example the error message mentioned below happens because of corruption:

Access Denied

Try Alternate Option & Also Perform Repairing Damage VHD file Task

When a VHD file gets corrupt, it can lead to situation where the data cannot be accessed. To work around the problem, you can opt for third party tools that are available online to fix Hyper-V VHD file corruption errors and execute the task of repairing damaged VHD files.

Hyper-V Virtual file protector tool is an acclaimed solution that can be availed at a reasonable price to regain data with entire meta content from corrupt VHD file. The software capably recovers data from dynamic as well as static Virtual hard drive that is created with MS Hyper-V, Virtual PC and Server.